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The stars of the show prep for a warm-up performance at a small theatre in Vancouver.


  • love this shot -- captures the nervous energy.
    randy @ 22nd February 2006
  • It still amazes me what you can pull off with the 50mm. If I didn't know any better, this looks like it was shot with a short- to med-telephoto. Nice shot. :)
    VirtualErn @ 22nd February 2006
  • you're right, this is a 100mm lens -- the only other Nikon lens I use. it's an awesome lens that gives a cinematic quality to a scene. i use it sparingly because it's damned difficult to make pics with that length.
    oj @ 22nd February 2006
  • Brings back great memories... Who's the one that looks like Laurie L with the mirror?
    Gary @ 22nd February 2006
  • Cool pic OJ! I miss the Vancouver chicks! Gary, that's Raquel with the mirror...
    Tina @ 23rd February 2006



  • Nikkor 50mm
  • Nikon E 100mm
  • Zenzanon 80mm
  • Canon 5.8mm IS


Pictures by OJ, based in San Francisco, California. Email oj [at] fiftynormal [dot] com for prints and bookings.

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