California at Webster


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California at Webster

We've moved! Kristin and I have moved to San Francisco. This is the view from our tiny studio apartment in the Lower Pac Heights district. Feel free to visit whenever (but at least email first)! Or if you'd rather, get a little closer by viewing a larger version of this pic.


  • Nice. The photoshop work is seamless. Was this from outside on the fire escape? Or through the window?
    VirtualErn @ 22nd February 2006
  • thru the window. seams could have been better if i had kept the camera level.
    oj @ 22nd February 2006
  • Sweet view!
    Gary @ 22nd February 2006
  • I'm sure that bottle of wine/scotch/beer didn't help with keeping the camera steady. :)
    VirtualErn @ 22nd February 2006
  • i like.
    John @ 1st March 2006



  • Nikkor 50mm
  • Nikon E 100mm
  • Zenzanon 80mm
  • Canon 5.8mm IS


Pictures by OJ, based in San Francisco, California. Email oj [at] fiftynormal [dot] com for prints and bookings.

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