The First Supper (of Many)


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The First Supper (of Many)

Behold the LIKHA-KP family in all its panoramic glory. Like all good groups of friends, the relationship of LIKHA to KP is anchored by food -- good food. And within the first hour of seeing each other for the first time in what seems like years, we gathered to gorge on fresh-caught fish in Richmond -- where sushi is fresher than Grandmaster Flash! For some of us (me!) this was a two-martini-lunch. But as you can see, it was a party for ALL. Damn there's a lot of filipinos in this picture. Are you in it? One person appears twice. Can you guess who? You might have a better time of it looking at a bigger, badder version.


  • It's Veejay.
    Big Sexy @ 7th February 2006
  • Well done...I dig the range of emotions! The photoshop work is seamless too.
    VirtualErn @ 7th February 2006
  • Very nice... Been playing around w/ my new canon fd 24 mm lens ... u have to share some tips...
    Yvette @ 7th February 2006
  • Impressive.
    Gary @ 7th February 2006
  • Another great pic -- you totally captured the feeling of that lunch. Keep them coming!
    randy @ 7th February 2006
  • mmm, sushi...that was a good place. i think i want japanese food for lunch now. gotta stop reading your blog before lunch!
    bev @ 7th February 2006
  • it's really cool how bryan was able to balance that bottle on his head like that. :)
    bev @ 7th February 2006
  • if i squint my eyes i can see the tip of my glasses....great pics!
    cristina @ 7th February 2006



  • Nikkor 50mm
  • Nikon E 100mm
  • Zenzanon 80mm
  • Canon 5.8mm IS


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