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All around the Eiffel tower there are vendors selling miniature versions of the tower. They are supposedly made of crystal and illuminated by embedded LEDs. Kitsch for sure, but cool nonetheless. We bought one, not that we were trying to. The men hawking these things happened to be the most aggressive salesmen on earth. These guys will not take no for an answer. So after talking and walking the price down to I think it was 2 euro, we broke down and got one. You gotta wonder what the mark up is at 2 euro. The salesmen are there at all hours (as are the tourists) -- I'm sure they make a decent living selling these miniatures.


  • Cool! Very creative multi-exposure shot.
    VirtualErn @ 25th January 2006
  • Makes me wonder where they get them. Neat shot.
    Gary @ 25th January 2006
  • Yeah, man, very cool!
    John @ 25th January 2006
  • what a wicked shot!
    randy @ 26th January 2006



  • Nikkor 50mm
  • Nikon E 100mm
  • Zenzanon 80mm
  • Canon 5.8mm IS


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