Sync Thai


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Sync Thai

Thailand's dance company was made up almost entirely of women. With their plastered smiles and always wide-eyed expressions, the girls lent a surreal quality to their performances. There is a strong storytelling tradition in their dances, much the same as LIKHA.


  • like our group, you could also tell who the newbies were :) oh, and like our group, they also had a 'Cassie" :)
    bev @ 9th December 2005
  • like our group, they have a bunch of drunk boys.
    oj @ 9th December 2005
  • I really like this angle you took of them.
    Gary @ 9th December 2005



  • Nikkor 50mm
  • Nikon E 100mm
  • Zenzanon 80mm
  • Canon 5.8mm IS


Pictures by OJ, based in San Francisco, California. Email oj [at] fiftynormal [dot] com for prints and bookings.

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