School Dance


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School Dance

I'm gonna try to post more often since I have so many of these Brasil pics. This is in Serafina Correa, where some school kids were asked to provide entertainment to the visiting companies. The routine that these girls did was an ethnic Italian dance very similar to a dance that our Lithuanian cohorts were performing at the festival. It involves a lot of pointing and stomping. As you can see, they were a little bit lost and most were following the short girl in front -- who was just as lost. The kids at this school seemed unfazed by the lack of heat in their school building. I was silently apalled by this as I froze my ass off and wondered how these poor children could stand it.


  • That little girl was a little bossy too. It was a cute dance.
    Gary @ 28th November 2005
  • I remember that girl! She was soooo funny! I, too, remember freezing my butt off in that school!
    Tina @ 30th November 2005
  • It's so funny when I look at your shots, my default reaction is to reach for a different lens (usually a wide angle - hehe) and recompose. For this one, my instinct is to grab a nice 28mm, crouch to eye level of that girl in front, shoot wide open with her off-center. It must be fun to lock into a single focal length. Forces you to think hard about your shots.
    Ernie @ 1st December 2005
  • I think your approach would have been better in this case. I would have gotten closer if I could have.
    oj @ 1st December 2005



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